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qualified quote , experienced source. optimal philosophy in my thoughts. yet to meet my match , I'm in in optimal form. superior system never ever flaws. glass stretch from the roof to the floor. sunset horizon upon the abroad. devouring delicacies on the shore.i walked a long way before I ever scored.

far in a field, dew on the grass. calm and collected. focused on my craft. middle of nowhere poem on my palm. rather not meddle with mater less talk, walking a picturesque village in awe, never once did I resort to the law, made my own math, call it contrast, facts formed by flax, etched quotes on a plaque. in isolation i thrive to the max , rural resort everlasting effect, magical memories stuck in my head of a place and a time where I learnt how to fend, for myself I will go to any lengths , been there and done that , evolved to the next. I don't want to hear what has to be said, couldn't care less ,don't bother to pretend.

promised myself I will never regress. u win or u lose 1 life for the best. true to myself and that's till last last breath. iv seen ppl sway now they look like a mess. sad but I can't stop to pick up the mess, it's up to yourself to align and correct. 17 years and I'm strong in the head, got it on my own aint someone to pretend.


from atsyn​+​ranger_planAphase2, released March 28, 2017



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